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L’E2C à Bookinbar 32

Publié par Yang ZHENG, le 12 juin 2014


Mercredi 11 juin 2014 32ème visite de la librairie aixoise Bookinbar

Sabrinel BOUHADOUZA Groupe A, Session 279

"This is the first time I get to visit the bookshop in Aix called "Bookinbar" and I actually love the concept. It’s a nice and quiet place where you can relax and recover after a long day of work. You can either come alone or with friends. What’s interesting about the place is that you can cool off with some drinks. Bookinbar is also very beneficial for students. Why ? Because the atmosphere is perfect for revisions and research. It’s a nice place to meet new people from all over the world and a good opportunity to chat with them. What’s also great about this bookshop is that you can find books written in many other languages but English. That’s a good point too."

Ericka VOLTAIRE Groupe A, Session 279

"Je mets une note de 18/20 pour cet après-midi passé à Bookinbar, because the atmosphere was lovely, the bookshop was awesome and the people were nice. There were other young people. En étant à Bookinbar, on a l’impression d’avoir voyagé. Concernant le trajet, there were no traffic jam. Mr. Yang explained us what to do and helped us to understand some words that were tricky to translate. He suggested us to go to meet other people (strangers) from the bookshop to have a chat with. He taught us to order a drink in English. C’était la première fois que je participais à une activité comme celle-là but I really enjoyed it. I would go there everyday if I could because there is a lot of things to discover. "

Elisa BOURRE Groupe A, Session 270

"C’est la troisième fois que je vais à Bookinbar. Cette librairie me plaît. J’ai eu l’occasion de feuilleter des livres en chinois, en italien et suédois. J’ai rempli un questionnaire de satisfaction en anglais (customer satisfaction survey). C’était un bon après-midi."

Edmundo GARCIA SEMEDO Groupe A, Session 270

"My third time in Bookinbar was cool as usual. I did exactly the same thing as the last time. I read a manga comic book (Naruto) and we drank milkshakes. This time, there were some people in the bookshop but we didn’t try to speak with them. I would have loved if we had done it. But in my opinion, next time we could do something different, such as playing games in English. Thanks to that, we could get to know new people. I have many ideas about the games we could play."

Crédits photo : Kamel BENYAHIA, Yang ZHENG

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