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L’E2C à Bookinbar 22

Publié par Yang ZHENG, le 2 avril 2014


Mercredi 12 mars 2014 22ème visite de la librairie aixoise Bookinbar

Tatiana GOMES DE ALMEIDA Groupe D, Session 270

"Tous les mercredis, le formateur danglais emmène 4 stagiaires à Aix-en-Provence pour faire connaissance et parler en anglais avec des anglophones. Cette fois-ci, c’était mon tour. J’ai profité de cet après-midi de manière différente. I really enjoyed the afternoon. English is so important."

Edmundo GARCIA SEMEDO Groupe A, Session 270

"To start with, the journey with my friends and our teacher to Bookinbar was nice. When we arrived at the bookshop, I saw many books in English and other languages. I think, this time, there wasn’t as many people as in the previous visits but we had a great time there. I picked a comic book that caught my eye. I really enjoyed reading it. Personally, I’d like to go there again and again because I love English. After Portuguese, English is my favourite language. So, I want to meet people who speak fluent English and share nice moments together. Next time, I’d prefer to do something different. That place is very quiet to study and learn."

Aslam MAKHLOUF Groupe C, Session 267

"Nous sommes allés à Bookinbar pour une petite après-midi tranquille et reposante. Nous avons bu un verre, nous avons feuilleté des livres en anglais. C’était trop bien. On a bien ri. On a été bien accueilli."

Anas SAOUAS Groupe F, Session 273

"We left school at around 1.30pm. On the way in the car, we talked about what we would do there at the bookshop. When we arrived, we visited Bookinbar. I definitely loved this experience. I wasn’t anxious at all. We drank a cup of hot chocolate with my friends and Yang. Time actually flew !"

Crédits photo : Kamel BENYAHIA, Yang ZHENG

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